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I have a problem with my ibis paint x. For some reason, the app is in Japanese. I can’t understand the characters or anything. I’d love to change it to English. But the thing is, I have no idea how to, since everything is in Japanese. I tried searching on google, couldn’t find anything.

So people using Ibis paint x, could any of you help me to change it to English?

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You could always uninstall it and download it again. It worked for me…

I could, but I don’t want my unfinished stuff to be gone.

do you have your ibis linked to an account? You can save your stuff despite deleting your app if you link it with your twitter account

When i downloaded Ibis Paint X, It started as English…

I haven’t linked it with anything.

Mine was in English too but idk why it’s now in Japanese. :woman_shrugging:


Is it hooked up to an account? like fb

Nope. But, if you also have ibis paint x, can you check the settings to see if there is a possibility to change the language?


Sure i,ll check

@inkkee i believe its a setting in the app store you need to use

I can’t find anything on the app store.

Just now I tried to delete the app and download it again to see if I can change the language. Not only did it not work, I also lost literally everything. I had so many unfinished characters, and I even connected it to my facebook before deleting it, to not lose everything, guess that doesn’t work.

Brbr Imma just go shoot my haed off real quick :woman_facepalming:

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Oof ink you should have sync it before deleting or download it to the collection first

You can always contact them and they should be able to help you fix it

I did connect it before deleting it.

Well, it can’t be helped. You said you lost everything right? My condolences

Yup, I lost everything. :grimacing: Just have to start them all over :woman_shrugging:

Thanks for the condolences :joy:

Maybe you should have saved all of them then delete the app…

Yeah maybe. I thought that it’d save them, after connecting it. Since usually apps won’t delete your progress if its connected. I was very wrong.

Luckily I had 2 things saved on my phone by chance.

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