🍁 Ibis Paintx Help! 🍁

Hey! So I want to know some feedback on my Ibis Paintx drawings! Can someone help me?

Drawsketch Untitled22_20200913215859



I LOVE THEM. I would say that to make them more realistic add SHADOWS. Shadowing makes magic girl!

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Thank you!

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I would recommend shading. Also, try putting it on force fade and put the stabilizer all the way up this will make your outlines a lot cleaner. Also, make the brush size a little bigger and in black. I don’t think the brush your using is working well so try dip pen soft or dip pen hard.

Add some shading, u can do it with some of the airbrush brushes

k thanks!

It’s amazing. You should shade some things and draw the hair (there are brushes for it such as Round Brush (Point) and there are many more brushes for it.)

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thank you!

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