Ibispaint X help?

So I’ve recently downloaded ibispaint X so I can try to create some art pieces but im having trouble with the brushes and how to navigate through, so does anyone know any useful tips or just any general knowledge of how to use certain brushes that would be really helpful! Thank you!


Here’s a few links that might help. I couldn’t find the original tutorial for IbisPaint X so if you still have any questions let me know :sparkles:

I recommend Dip Pen (Hard) for outlining, Dip Pen (Soft) and Airbrush (Triangle) for skin shading, and of course if you use the blur brush any soft brush.

Nae’s Help Thread :sparkles:(Tutorials, Guides, Etc)

Old Tips I Made

Here are a few things I’ve learned over time:

  • The bigger the canvas the better the quality. Looking back at my old drawings with a smaller canvas the quality was really bad. Not I usually keep my canvases between 2500x2500 and 3000x3000.
  • Brushes: Dip Pen (Hard) Is good for outlining. (Make sure stabilizer is on and cut all the way up) Dip Pen (Soft) Is good for outlining lips and eyes, also eyelashes. You should take long strokes when drawing since the lines come out neater :sparkling_heart:

Btw here’s how to turn stabilizer up/on. Make sure force fade is on aswell.

Airbrush (Triangle) is what I use for shading along with Dip Pen (Soft) and the blur tool.

  • Layering: When drawing make sure you don’t mess up the layers. I’ve accidentally outlined on my pose layer :woman_facepalming:t4: I recommend outlining and creating a layer under that to color it in.
  • Undoing: Never be afraid to undo. I undo something every five seconds hence why it takes me hours to finish pieces :joy:
  • Tutorials: There are so many available on YouTube and Instagram. Just search around and try different techniques. That’s how I adapted to the way I draw now. You’ll eventually branch off and discover new ways.

Since a lot of people do things differently i hope you try some of these out and see what works best for you. There’re a lot of brushes in IbisPaint X so mess around with them and see which ones you like :two_hearts: