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My ig is @bre_weites.epi


Sooo it’s been like an year since i took a break from episode, drawing , writing and everything and now i am kinda back so please feel free to add me on ig its
epsd_mandy with pfp of black haired girl
-I sometimes draw on ibis paint x
-I am entering DL contest

  • I would love to make new friends

Just a heads-up, my Instagram is @jennaepisode1
Follow me for updates, sneak-peaks, annoucments ect

:relaxed: :two_hearts:

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I’ll give you a follow :wink:

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thank you so much!! <3

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Hi! If anybody is interested you can visit my Instagram here: RosebudViper ^.^

I’ll be posting sneak peeks & updates regarding my upcoming story and once it’s published I will post some art too! :heart:

Here is my handle: txoxo21 (Insta btw)

I recently made one because It seems it is useful to have here so ya
Hope you guys have a great day feel free to drop yours down below

Incase anyone is interested: