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I followed you, queen!


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Welcome to the community


have been inactive for the past year, i’d love to meet some new people or people i used to talk to, miss u guys <3

Mine is @/bloom.epy
Same as my username :blush:

I’ll follow everyone who follows me

I recently published my story, I post updates and sneak peeks there. I’d love to see you there. :blush: :heart: My Instagram: @marinaz.stories

Anyone can follow me daisy.rodriguezepisode this is my new Instagram account. :blush::heart:

Hey guys :heart: I’m really grateful for 900+ followers that’s so amazing thank you so much , my next step is to reach 1k so help me to achieve it and I will follow back if you want me to , thank you so much again :heart:

My ig: storiesbym_

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My Instagram is u.episode.u, I follow back!

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My Instagram is joycee.kay
I’ll surely follow back

i’m a literary content creator, i do reviews about stories in the app and other platforms! Please, follow me!
My instagram is a.morreaux.

Mine is robbie.writes :smiley:

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Followed you :purple_heart:


I saw it thank you girl!

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Follow 4 follow on Instagram?

Follow my account for a follow back! Or drop your Instagram below🥰

If I follow you and you don’t follow me back I will undo the follow! This thread is for people that actually need followers!


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Follow my bestie


She’s new to the episode world

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