I'd love to follow YOUR Instagram

Followed you! :relaxed:

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My Instagram @kikiepimoon if you want to check out sometimes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Followed you :blob_hearts:

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And I gave a follow to you! Hope you will like posts! :hugs:

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storiesby_mystic. I will follow everyone back.

@sarahss.storiess I will follow every back and my DM’s are open for anyone interested in talking for possible doing R4R’s!

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Hi hun! My instagram is: @safi.episode

I will definitely follow you back! If you ever need anything, my DMs are always open!

Much love :wink: :revolving_hearts:

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Hey everyone!
I’m an author and i all trying to grow my Instagram @evewrites.epi

If y’all would follow me and give me a shoutout i would really appreciate it :heart:


Hey! I am an artist and editor, I can help you with the design of stories, art scenes and backgrounds)
Art on order
Editions with your characters, editing backgrounds, videos, splashes, banners, etc. - Free
Instagram @va.arty
My art work


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I can’t find you. :frowning:

It’s @evewrites.epi.

upcoming author (ink tho lol sorry) @ lvqbrlwrites !!! anyone can follow

Heyy! I’d love to follow you!:heart:
My Instagram id is @artwithtanishka_

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Follow me on insta @ash.epi17 for updates and sneak peaks on my story!

I follow back. :slight_smile:



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hello love…my instagram is @aly_.epi and would you like to do G4G…???

May I ask what G4G means? I’m new to this and I’m not sure exactly what that stands for. I’m assuming gem for gem but just thought I’d make sure lollll

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gems for gems love…same as read for reads but with gems… :smiling_face:

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Okay thank you! And I would but I currently don’t have any gems:(

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no problem still…we can go read for read…btw follow me on instagram…I’ll follow you back

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