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I followed! Mine is @alienepisode

Hey y’all! I’m @irene.epy on insta. :blob_sun:

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@janb.stories <3 ill follow back all that follows :slight_smile:


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Just followed you! My Instagram is @pc_episode

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Followed! My Instagram: @pc_episode :revolving_hearts:

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Hi, can you follow my instagram @Julinastar18 What’s your instagram

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Followed : ) mine is macaroni.episode

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I also do shoutout for shoutout on my Instagram where i will put your episode story on my insta story so people can see it and read it if they wish! But again you must return the favor. :slight_smile:

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My Instagram is…

I’m Toyocee. I’m an episode reader and writer.
I’ve been playing episode since 2018.
I love writing, watching tik tok, decorating, watching movies.

I’m looking for new friends in the episode community, readers, writers anyone.

We could recommend stories to each other, help in promoting each other’s stories, offer writing advice and feedback to each other.
Talk about our favorite episode stories.

My Instagram is @toyoceewrites

Drop your Instagram so we can follow each other :two_hearts:


hi :wave: I’m a writer/artist and I’m happy to make new friends :blush:
my IG - heart.creates


Hi, and I’m an Episode author of two stories and follow me on my Instagram @brendan.writes.

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Hey if u have a discord. I have a discord episode group that has all that. If you are interested we just ask for u to stay active in the group. Pm me if u want the link


Great, following you on IG rn💕

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Following you rn