Idea for a bonus scene

in my story retrace, I want to make a bonus that you can unlock by picking the right choice. but I have no idea what to do. it is right before there date at a restaurant. and I dont know what they could do before that. the story is happening in las vegas, and no i dont wanna put them in a casino

You can do it with gains/gotos but I don’t remember the code for it off the top of my head :grimacing: but I do remember it for points!
“Go to sushi place (or whatever choice)” {
Ok! We’ll get sushi tonight!
} “Don’t go out- just order pizza” {
Ok then- I’ll order pizza tonight
~stuff happens~
(Here is where the scene would come in)
if CHARACTER = 1 {
Are you almost ready?
Yea let’s go!
(Them getting sushi)
} else {
The food was good

In this, if the reader chooses to have them go out for sushi, they will get a scene of them at the restaurant. But, if they choose to order food from home, there will be no scene.
Hope this helps! (Sorry such a long example)

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thanks but i am looking for an idea for what to do as the bonus scene

Some ideas

  • A walk in the park
  • Sightseeing
  • The drive on the way to the restaurant

They aren’t the best but maybe you could get some inspiration :woman_shrugging:t4:


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