Idea for a stag horn magic crature

My story is about magic I wanna make a magical creature with the stag horns for my story, I was gonna say it was a wendigo. but looking into wendigos they despite been pictured like that in movies and video games they do not have horns. and the idea they do all comes from a movie I guy made with a monster he called a wendigo, but he did not look up anything about the actual monster, and well I wanna go more by actual myth and not what a movie made

so I need another kind of magic creature.

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sorry if this is unhelpful but what if you made up a creature? like what if it’s similar to a wendigo but it has horns too, and any other characteristics that you like that isnt already on a wendigo. you could make up a name for it too, like a “mantigriffin“ or “basimyae” or something like that. and then to help the reader understand the creature you’re describing you could have someone make you a custom art scene to portray it? idk i think that would be pretty cool and original loll soz if this was unhelpful aha

How about a jackalope?

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