Idea for Discussion. Prior review of the new story by Episode

What I thought about, and this is just an abstract idea, without really thinking too much.
We have a tremendous amount of new stories. It’s a growing community, that’s understandable. But let’s be honest - a big part of these stories are kinda low quality, which means, either no real plot or directing is too lazy/not really used. I know, no one (well almost) can create a good story after just starting with this platform, and people “just want to write their unique story”. What issues does it give?

1. We have a tremendous amount of stories, to choose from, and we literally have to dig real damn hard to find a decent one. At least that’s what I feel recently.
2. With this amount of new stories, really good stories are kinda lost in this bunch.
3. Now this one is kinda subjective, but without at least minimal control over it doesn’t give enough motivation to really study guides, to know how to make a decent story.

Now I don’t point to anyone’s story, or somehow trying to humiliate new writers, as I am one of them. Just as it seems common sense.

Now the potential review of the Episode is obviously a hell lot of work, and maybe they could check just one episode of the story. Also their evaluation is subjective, and of course, might be biased depending on who’s reviewing, but we already know it. I think it would motivate new writers to put more into their work, and also to clear content a bit.

What do you think?


I agree with you! :upside_down_face:

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I agree!
Once you start writing you want to share your story with the world and that’s ok, but a lot of people rush into it and then crying that no one wants to read their stories, or when they actually learn the coding they are locking or discontinue them.

I’m always in the New Stories section looking for something well done with a small number of reads, but this couple of months I didn’t find anything interesting…

And I have to say it, people are getting lazy. Just looking for a ready code or script templates. I know it’s time-consuming but that’s how you learn. Once you become good at it it will take less time.


Are you suggesting that maybe the first episode of any new author’s work has to go past a quality check? I’m not sure how feasible the idea is, especially with how busy with the support team seems at the moment (I’m still waiting for a reply from about two months ago :expressionless:), but I do like the idea in general. Then again, having to wait a week or so before being able to publish your first story might be annoying but it’s certainly not the worst thing.

Recently I’ve really been attempting to read more stories with very few reads. Frustratingly, I’ve found that a lot of the stories that I’ve tried are almost unreadable: very poor grammar, very glitchy directing (characters on top of each other or heads up butts lol) or even a super short first episode where the author just introduces the main character (with narration). (In one case there was even a “house tour”, I guess to make up the lines. In other stories, the line limit was met with CC.) It can be really off-putting because I really want to support stories with fewer reads and I know there are thousands of hidden gems out there, but it’s a little discouraging to attempt five stories in a row where you can’t get past the first episode.


I agree with pretty much everything @Apes said. A lot of people rush into writing with stories that are not fully developed or with characters who are fully developed.

And I do agree that a ton of people don’t seem to want to actually learn coding, but they seem to want codes already made.


That’s correct :slight_smile: And I 100% agree with everything u said.

Like I said, just idea, which could have a great outcome, but maybe a bit complicated to execute.

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Currently its manual I think. Best they use AI to filter out all cliche plots to distinguish writers regardless of new or old in terms of original content for starters. Then for the Cliche category the AI can filter through again for better plots out of the many.

Well filter can’t be automatic in this case. So someone has to read it.

Actually, I thought that in terms of this idea, there could be an option for readers, like u check one story and give it an evaluation in for example 3 categories - plot, directing, dialogues, and rate them 1 to 5. For each evaluated story U have 1 pass, for a limit of 4 passes per day for evaluation. Then it’s get sorted automatically.