IDEA FOR GEMS: Episode exclusive stories should offer a gem package specific for that story

I already posted this in a different topic, but a mod told me to move it here. Sorry for posting it in the wrong topic by the way.

Idea; So basically, let’s say you wanted to be able to make all the gem choices in the story “Troublemaker”, but you’re not sure how many gems to buy and you don’t wanna spend a ton of money. Well, there would be a gem pack listed under that story where you could buy all the gems to make the gem choices in that story AND you would only be able to use those gems on that story. I know that’s a handful to read, but I think this will get A LOT more people to purchase gems as there are so many stories where I want to purchase all the gems needed to make all the choices, but I have no idea how many to buy. I feel like depending on the length and content of the story, the gem packets could range anywhere from $50 to $150 USD. Would love to see what the Episode Team thinks of this idea as well as you guys on the forums. I feel like this would result in a lot of income towards the Episode Team as well.

I really think this could encourage a lot of people to buy gems as many people (including myself) only want to buy gems for one specific story we are reading to make the choices.


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