Idea for "special episodes" / poll

So I’ve had this idea for a while now, but I haven’t actually gone through with it. I’d like your guy’s input on it and whether or not you think it’s a good idea.

So you know how on some tv shows, comics or animes specifically, they have a sort of "Special Episode." Like on a certain holidays. There’s a Christmas special :santa:, a Halloween special :ghost:, and of course the infamous beach special :surfing_woman: where all the characters go to the beach and act like nothing in the plot literally just happened.

Oh, they just killed off a major character, let’s all go to the beach and pretend it didn’t just happen! You know what I’m talking about :joy:

So what I’m trying to get across here is whether the reader would enjoy an episode like that. Where it doesn’t relate to the plot at all, the reader can take some time to digest when something major just happened in the plot, and just chill with the characters. Ya feel me?

Is this a good idea? :thinking:

  • Yes! Support!
  • Sounds boring.

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Yes! Speaking from experience, I’ve done this… Readers seemed to like it too so would recommend


That’s good to hear :sweat_smile:

I hadn’t seen it before in any stories, so I was just wondering. Maybe some people would think it was a waste of a pass when they actually came to read the story

Nah, not at all. My Halloween episode and Christmas episode are people’s faves from what they’ve told me. The Thanksgiving one wasn’t as popular and Valentine’s Day one was realtively popular too now that I think about it. Lol. I do these a lot


It depends actually…
If it were a special episode that had no actual relation on the plot or it’s just where the characters would play and do nothing (Like you would just tap through the dialogue)… I would honestly not like it, I usually am the type of person that likes to use passes for the actual plot, my opinion to this:

I suggest adding games or other stuff that would affect the future chapters. Maybe add at least a hint of the plot into the special episode. It’s just my own personal opinion thought :thinking:

I only like specials when the story is such a dramatic drama and I want to cool off or if the story is something light and easy to take in.


I understand completely! What if (since there are romance options in my story) there would be sort of special moment between your love interest. Like in a Christmas special, they’d kiss under the mistletoe or something cliche like that :joy:

Would that sound appealing? Or maybe a hint of drama at the end of the episode like you said, hinting of what’s to come next?

I’m gonna have to check out your story :rofl:

Hahaha well of you need help implementing it, hmu :v: But yeah, I say go for it

Will do (literally reading your story right now) loving it :italian_hand:

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Awww thank you :sob:

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It would sound appealing if your character and the love interest have a cute relationship, drama-free and such.