Idea Help! (PLEASE HELP :D)



I need help with plot ideas and whatnot. Thanks!

I’m sorry if I put it in the wrong catagory


What type of story are you thinking of doing? Do you already have an idea already?


Yes, kind of a slice of life theme.


Sounds interesting. You could try and base it off personal experiences or you could try to make it obviously a ver relatable story similar to personal experience or co pletely made up.


I’m basing of a song :D.


What song?


Egostic Mamamoo, the lyrics are amazing.


So do you have a story line?


That’s my problem


Hmm ok. Let me look at the lyrics real quick.




Now I think about it it’s romance hmm :thinking:


Yeah. The lyrics kind of talk about leaving a selfish relationship And becoming free… I think?




You could do something like the MC thought that they found love but really it was just a bad/even almost abusive relationship. The story could be about becoming free and forgetting their past…
idk what do you think?


sounds nice.
i was thinking about 4 girls, totally different people.


That sounds cool. You could maybe have it like they help each other despite their differences?


Yeah! I should put you for co author :joy:


Nah. It’s fine. :joy:


:joy: So, what should I start with? I wrote some lines.