Idea/Plot for a story?



Hello there Episode Fans! Did u ever tried to find a story that fits you but you never find a good one? Or ever wanted a specific story to be out? Well today is your lucky day! Post your story ideas down there and i will try to make the best possible story from them!

Thanks for your time!


I have thought that you could make a story about a powerful bad girl that is part of all species and falls in love with the nerd for a twist but it could end out the nerd being Zeus’s long lost son making him powerful as well. Then they could have a baby. So in the second story you could do a story about the babies life growing up and having difficulties of having these powers and an enemy like Damion could want to chase the child as it’s growing up


1.Coming back to Maplewood- Charlie brings her celebrity boyfriend home for the winter, what surprises are awaiting her? Ex’s confessions. Jealousy. Love. Winters upon us and it brings one hell of a storm.
2. Down-graded- Your failing grades left you to be kicked out of your expensively luxurious school and now the only high school that will accept you is Storm Coast High.
3. The Duckling- Surrounded by “Glamour & Riches”, Shay, a not so glamorous girl tries to fit in with her reality star family. Who can tell what drama, romance, and even transformations lie ahead?

(I never really got the time to make them… If you like them then feel free to use a plot or two)
Here’s is some covers I made for them in the past:



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