Idea/plots for a story!


I need a few ideas for a story, some inspiration. What are you interested in?
I would love to write a love story, what plot/storyline would you find interesting?

Is this an interesting story idea?

My only advice for writing a love story, is don’t make it overly cliché.

Examples of commonly used clichés:

  • Typical bad boy stories where the guy is abusive but the girl still falls madly in love with him!

  • The MCs start off hating each other but somehow fall in love after 2 minutes. (This is unrealistic, is you’re going to use this plot line, make the change in attitude gradual, not overnight!)

  • Step-family stories. These are a no go altogether for me but if you have to write one, please make it original.

  • Vampire/Werewolf/Human love triangles. There are way too many of these already. If you’re going to make it a supernatural love story, please make it more creative than two supernatural beings fighting over a girl or a guy!


I completely agree with you there! Clique is a no no for me


Definitely, too bad it’s in basically every one of Episode’s favourite stories.


So basically I want to write romance story. Not clique - not this type of “bad boy, new girl” or “the player and the nerd” kind of stuff. Something unique and lovely. :heart:

A storyline I have fallen in love with is, a simple girl who own a jewellery shop and a young man who is a cop. The young woman is robbed and police are called in. It was love at first sight. She keeps ringing the police in for a “robbery” to see him all the time. Blah blah blah other problems and the end.

Let me know what you think and add your own suggestion down below!
THANK YOU!!! :dizzy:


Looks cute and original.


I seen that idea online its amazing! I think you should write a story like thay


I like that idea I think it’s original and diffirent from other stories.


Thank you!


Thank you! I plan to! :yellow_heart:


That’s what I was thinking! Thank you x


It’s really cute! Diverse from other stories I’ve read. :grin:


Thank you for sharing you opinion! :blush:


Good luck with it! :grin:
Btw you might want to be cautious about putting the idea on the forums incase people steal it. It’s rare but it happens. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would read it!!


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