Idea poll. (please answer)

So I made this thread and i now have a plot idea for that story but i have been looking thru some old notebooks i found that i wrote a while ago and now ideas are flowingggg.
I need yall to just vote on which one you like the most.


You’re a hacker who uses your talents for good and exposes the governments dirty secrets. Things get complicated when the FBI surrounds your house.


You were missing for 6 years and now you’re back.
That’s what they think anyway.


I havent thought of an intriguing description for this one but basically a comedy about these teenagers/young adults that try to start their own gang. They playfully make some threats to a well known italian mafia and all hell breaks loose.

Wanted to write something that has gangs in it as thats what gets reads. Also thank you @ihicks01 for helping me with this idea.


You are a sleepwalking serial killer at night but by day you are a well known detective unknowingly hunting yourself.


You got into an unfortunate car accident. You then wake up to discover that you don’t live until you die.

(basically “life” was a test and when you “die” that means you have passed and you get to go into “heaven” which is actually just like life but it’s a utopia)


Lily is a compulsive liar, unable to stop herself from spinning tales that makes her the envy of everyone around her. Things get a little crazy when she wakes up to discover all of her lies have become true.

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Ik they are quite shit ideas but please dont steal.

I’ll be writing whichever has the highest amount of votes. (maybe lol)
Thank you for answering.


i love your ideas, they’re so creative :pleading_face:

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Thank you :pleading_face: :heart:

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This is hard because these are plots that I would be interested in.

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I may write them all sometime in the future but i just need one to focus on now and i cant pick :joy: :sob:

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Number 4 is my favorite out of all.


Okay thank you. x

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I like you idea alot girl haha

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to just write something to get reads. Reads don’t matter! :two_hearts:

There are already a lot of gang and mafia stories where it’s portrayed incorrectly. If you want to do a gang story do your research.

A very good and accurate story about gangs is Poison by @SpookySherry. :cherry_blossom:


But, in my opinion, 5 sounds the best. Good luck on your writing and coding! :two_hearts::cherry_blossom:

I really like all of those ideas, but 4th one is the poorest one imo, and seeing it getting most votes scares me, honestly, so I’m gonna explain why I think it’s not gonna work well. :pray:

First of all, the whole plot is literally explained and somehow solved in just the description. I think the whole point of mystery/criminal stories with detectives haunting serial killers is… Mystery. But let’s take it from more logical side. Sleepwalking murderer-detective wouldn’t really work, because of one simple thing. Friggin traces. If you kill someone, while technically asleep, I’m pretty sure you’d leave something behind, whether it’s a victim’s stain of blood on your clothing, or a tool, that was used to kill with your fingerprints. I’m pretty darn sure a detective would notice something is not right. Shoes in dirt, clothes laying in different places, or some small stuff like that. I don’t know, it might work as a parody, but imo even as a comedy the plot would get really repetitive, predictable and therefore - boring.

This is obviously just my opinion and you may be able to pull it off just fine, but I felt like saying this was necessary. Whatever you end up choosing - good luck and have fun writing!

Also, if you happen to write the 3rd storyline, I’d LOVE to get tagged once its released to give it a read :heart:


I like the 4th idea, but I can see your point. I think if they ever do the idea, then they shouldn’t reveal the twist in their story’s description because that would definitely ruin the suspense.


how am i supposed to choose? i love all of these ideas!!

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ty :heart:

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okay thank you for your feedback x

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thanks for your advice i appreciate it!!

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i wouldn’t release that in the description i just put it on there so you would know what it would be about :heart:

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ty :heart::pleading_face:

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Idk, but I really like 1, 3 and 4. Though I think you should pick one that you’d enjoy writing otherwise you’re not gonna get very far with story :heartpulse:


It was hard to choose one :rofl: