IDEA: readerMessage appearance top/below


Recently, Episode came out with a new update that changed the readerMessage from coming from the top instead of below. I think that there should be an option were you can choose, yourself, if you want it to appear from the bottom or the top.

Sometimes it covers the character’s face when coming from above when you have zooming; that’s why I’m writing this topic.
Am I the only one who thinks that we should be able to choose?

Does anyone know how to have a chat bubble appear from the bottom?

That’s a wonderful idea.




I would like it too​:slightly_smiling_face: but I think we are asking too much for now​:joy::joy:


Support!!! :+1:t3:

Rude’s Here to Help! Ask your questions babes 💙

I think that the writing in the readerMessage at the top is too small and I can barely read it, Episode should’ve left it and not changed the colour or shape.
Also it would be a good idea if the (old) readerMessage could drop from the top to the bottom.


I completely agree !!


I agree!




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I fully support this! And maybe they can fix the tails of the speechbubbles too so that they don’t look detached when placing the tail at the bottom.






I hate that it now comes from the top.
As a writer it’s harder to plan and as a reader I have a hard time catching it when it appears…





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