Idea Thread! {Feature requests, animations, ect}

Instead of making various random threads that episode team has to go through in order to see they’re loyal Episodians want or request. Just put it here! Everything that you want to see!



You might want to read the guide for the feature request section. The reason we have various random threads is because that’s how they sort through it to see what we all want and what we’re requesting

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I don’t have a blog…

Ohh a thread?

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Can we have swimming for Males

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There is a lot of animations we need in our stories and sadly they aren’t there for example the ones I am going to mention right now and if anybody know more than I do feel free to reply to me with it.

1)Carrying a character another character in the way we all know and also the carrying on the back.

2)“Hugging while sitting” come on it sometimes happens when someone can’t get up or is too lazy so this animation will be helpful.

3)“Holding hands” it also happens when it is a couple walking together.

4)“Putting hands on shoulder”

5)“Sigh” I know this animation exist but come on when you are having a sigh it doesn’t have to be putting your hand on your chest unless the character have a heart disease or something.

6)“Slammed on wall”

7)" Shaking Hand" Sometimes in meetings or anything else you need to shake hands.

8)You know when your charming prince tells you to get behind him and you will but we need one that is she puts her hand on his shoulder from his back

9)" Holding phone while sitting or laying on bed" we all do it :wink:

10)" Talk sad while sitting"

11)“Holding a gift or a gun from behind”

  1. " Sleeping in character chest" you know when there is a part of your story that this sence happens when someone is afraid to sleep alone or anything else

  2. " kicking" sometimes I need to be a little realistic we also want characters to kick each other not to punch him all the time :neutral_face:

That is it that I remember if you see anything that is missing feel free to reply me maybe episode will see this and make new animations of our ideas :grinning::grin:



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I tried to make my character look very different from the rest, meaning we need some different features like limelight, they have tons of features well, Ink has the same


All I want is one little change

yea same

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I’m finally crossing over to the dark side of LL and I’m upset that there are things even close to some of the iconic Ink animations. Like the endings of shush and flirt_fingersnap. There’s also no repulsed animation either.
I think these would help others start wanting to do LL more maybe!

I think that we need more props.
Not saying I don’t appreciate the ones that we have but um
I could use a few new things , weapons to be exact.

  • A sword
  • laser gun
  • champagne glass
  • soda can
  • a basic book (not a text book or spell book)
  • maybe some new food items
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Closed as this is off-topic and in the wrong subforum. If you would like to make a feature request, please check out our Feature + Art Suggestions subforum and read through the Feature Request Guidelines before requesting. Thanks! :smiley: