Ideal characteristics of a love interest in a story?

What are some characteristics you like, or maybe hate in a love interest in a story?
I’m writing a story so some feedback would be nice :slight_smile:

Would you rather have a…

  • Brooding bad boy
  • Sweet&sensitive
  • Other (comment below)

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I’d love to know what you guys think!


I think that the best recipe for a believable, remarkable love interest (or any character, really) is to give them flaws. If you make a story where the love interest is this “perfect” boy, no one is going to remember him. Give him some bad traits - don’t go overboard with it, but don’t make him perfect either.
Another thing to keep in mind, is letting the love interest be more than just one thing. He’s not just a “bad boy”- he’s got some other layers to his personality. Same thing goes to the sweet and sensitive. What sets off his temper? What gets on his nerves? What is he afraid of, and what is he willing to face? For what purpose? What’s important to him?


I would say rather than giving them bad traits, think about the disadvantages and advantages of whatever traits they already have. Make them have different skills they’re good at, and ones they’re bad at.

Make sure they’re properly developed before you begin writing them into the story and you should be fine.

Anyway, you asked what kind of characteristics I like in a love interest, and I love the ‘class clown’ type. Just dramatic dumbasses who think they know everything are fun too. Basically the ‘lovable idiot’ type that’re nearly always side characters :joy:


Never mind adjectives. Just create a character with their own unique personality and let readers decide whether or not they love them.


I love a funny guy that is also sweet and caring.
A silly couple is the cutest couple (in my opinion)


Lincoln from Maid For You :heart_eyes:

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The LI should be both bad and good.

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Someone who is “real”. I like it when I can relate to a person. That doesnt mean that I don’t like stories about bad boys, teachers, bosses etc. But the characteristics should be “real” and the situation should be realistic (unless its a fantasy story ofcourse).
Most love stories are from the MC’s point of view. I like it when you can also read what the love interest thinks, feels etc.
But for what it’s worth: I’ve never read a story op Episode where I didn’t like the LI.


I always liked these mysterious love interests with a tragic backstory lol


Funny. Or maybe snarky. Sarcastic in a funny way?

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