Ideas anyone? please


okay im making a vampire story called love is a hexagon sooooo I don’t know how to start it off really by meeting lol
I got ep 1 done with character design and naming and MC girl in the car but she’s about to arrive to a house full of boys and doesn’t know they are vampires
they are 6 of them btw
her father is friends with their father though she never met them
any ideas be helpful
plus any ideas on how to make some drama happen be helpful too
thanks so much


She can fall in love with a cute guy after everybody tried to seduce her. :thinking:
What do you say about this?


By the way your story can be more interesting if you use many choices…


You should try and some where you are using gems, too!


If you want to know how to use them ask me :hugs:


You could make them all fall in love with the girl and the boys fight each other and she has to choose who to go with


that’s the idea lol but I don’t know how to start it off


how do I use them I only just recently learned to use simple ones




Hey I can’t help you with ideas, but and Ideal place to get backgrounds, overlays, splashes, & much more are on here!


Sounds great thank u


Well is there any back story to it?


I haven’t really come up with anything yet unfortunately
There’s supposed to be drama and romance stuff like that but the romance I’s one sided