Ideas for a cover I’m making

I’m making a cover and a bit stuck for how I can draw it this is what the story is about
Ok, so this is a mystery love story as you can tell. Where at first the main character, Alysia is popular, and likes her eventual crush who she will live with soon, Darren. Anonymous shoots Darren and Alysia saves him. Darren’s mom is Alysia’s enemy they didn’t now each other at first. Then, a lot of mystery and drama happens. And another main character is Larissa, who is a celebrity and gang leader, Darren’s mother wants them to marry, and after that the whole conflict is about that. Darren and Alysia eventually fall for each other
Any ideas…

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I would do something like a wall in the middle, and each one of them on a different side of the wall trying to get through. This would represent them trying to be together, but they can’t. Then I would do the mom on the side with the girl yelling at Alysia to stay away from her son. On the side with Darren I would put Larissa trying to get Darren, saying Larissa wants him to be with her but he only wants Alysia. Also, it would be cool if you put a gunshot wound on Darren, and ake Alysia hold some bandage or something to say she wanted to help and heal him. Hope this helps you! :slight_smile:

Thx so much the person wants a small and large cover and these will do great thx so much

No problem! t sounds like a good story too! I thought this idea would work well based off what you said :wink: