Ideas for a new story!

Hey peeps

Kay so basically, I made a story named, “Unexpected Murder” the author is Angeliciqra in case you wanna read it (; Anyways so that story was more like a Halloween story, I published it the day before Halloween and rn it has about 50 reads? I’m over it and I wanna make a new story bc I feel like nobody else is going to read my story since it isn’t in “season” Well yah? SOOOOO i’ma make a new story and i feel like it’s gonna sadly find its way and my mind is gonna make it into a lowkey cliche story but like it’s fine riight? Anyways here’s what I have in mind soooo far…

My idea (if you guys decide to steal my really bad idea well i’ll be pretty pissed but anyways have fun writing)

You and your bestfriend move to a whole 'nother place to have a fresh start, but it’s going to be easier fitting in than you thought… with an annoying spoiled brat but who knows if you’ll end up falling for him?

Soo like um… that sounds not in order but I hope you try and see what i’m going for, I was going to start writing tonight but like the lazyness kinda took over but i’ll tryy! leave your thoughts please

ALSOO, if you have names that match the story than please HELPP

Love from your really annoying friend… Angeliciqra

Don’t be discouraged to continue your halloween story! I am sure many people will read it!!!

Just don’t be discouraged! In the fifty people who have already read your story, I am sure they’d be sad to hear that you’re not continuing it


thank youuu, but I mean i did finish it infact just i’m like kind of “over it”

Ahhh… I think I understand

I don’t quite understand your story description. (Btw @the_crazy_monkeys is also me, it’s the account for my group. Thought you ought to know)

Ohh, I see hopefully soon i’ll make a new forum about it!