Ideas for a zombie story?

any advice for a zombie apocalypse story? thanks!

Hm, a zombie apocalypse, okay I know this always starts at school but it could be started somewhere else. Dont have to be students as MCs all the time, it could be doctors, firefighters, police, etc.

Idea 1: U can maybe have civilians at a safe homebase away from the zombies to find a cure or something else to plan an escape to get off the island…hm.

Idea: 2 …u can maybe start off as the MC is injured and stuck at a cottage or building and someone helps him/her quietly to escape the mansion or whatever building from the zombies, hm…


I like the change.

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I know right, too many of them so try something different.

Another idea: their on a ship for a vacation not knowing a person was turned into a zombie as as someone experiment to show to the public on a show and then some people got infected, others panicked, and others find a way off the ship from zombies. @faythes


Another note:

_Plan your story first:

How are the characters going to escape from the zombies?
Will any character be perished/die from zombies?
Will they have weapons to choose from?
Will they find a way out?
Will they make it?
Will there be any betrayals?
Will they find a cure?


I’m currently reading a zombie story were the only people alive are drug addicts because something about the drugs made them different from everyone else. They’re around 25 and I think it would be more realistic for them to survive if they were older than teenagers. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to make your zombies like everyone else’s zombies. You could make them like cannibals. So they aren’t just interested in brains.


How about the main character works as a doctor who tries to cure zombies, but once he/she gets bitten, they have to keep it a secret?