Ideas for bigger cover to match the small one

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve made a small cover for my upcoming story: Colourless world
Now I’d like to make a bigger cover, but I have no ideas on how to match it with the small one? Do you guys have any ideas :thinking:

Excuse the watermark, I don’t want my art to get stolen again :upside_down_face:


You could have the title on the left and put the author name and the girl on the right…? If that makes sense :woman_shrugging: Idk :woman_shrugging: I guess that way, it would fill the space

Yeah, I am not sure if I should put the same background or not. :laughing:

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i would just use the same background and then move the girl to one side and then the text to another side. idk that’s what i did :woman_shrugging:

image image

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Oh that’s very nice! Okay, I will try to make one like that. Thank you!

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If you type up Joseph Evans into YouTube he has a very useful video on creating covers for Classic, INK and LL.

Wee, thank you all for the help! I have watched the video as recommended above. So far I think this will do. ^^

That looks good.

Why didn’t you use the same font?

Ahh, I like the second one way more. I might just maybe remake my small cover too in the future, haha.

update: New small cover made as well! Think I’m all set up now. :smile: