Ideas for challenges in my story

Hey, I am writing an episode where my character has to do some challenges but I don’t have any ideas so If you can write some here that would really help :smiley:

Well does your MC have parents?


If so, maybe one of them gets cancer and the other loses their job so now the MC can’t pay for treatment and has to go to college to be a nurse to pay for the money but when the MC is in the middle of a class she gets a call that her parent with cancer died? Sad but just a thought!

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Do you mean something like a test of skill?


Yes :ok_hand:

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Do you want to include mini games where the reader needs to make choices?
Or is it just challenges that the MC has to do?

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Yes the choices would be great :smiley:

Can you give a brief description of your plot? (You don’t need to give too much away, but I’d love some context!)

yes, It’s a comedy- a parody on treasure hunts. the main character is pretty stupid and cheates on most of the challenges. she has to do some challenges to get to the trasure or closer to it and she met a random guy that is pretty stupid too and he’s the one that makes her do the challenges.

-If you can add in a fairy to help her that is too exited about her job and that the main character ends up escaping with at the end will help a lot :slight_smile:

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Obstacle course? Then you could have choices like:
Oh there’s a rope! I should:

  • Climb
  • Slip
  • Stay still

Although, those would be better with timed choices if we had those haha.

Or… um… I’ll think about it lol. Oh, since there’s a fairy, do they need to be magical challenges?


No. just a way for my character to find her.
*I don’t have to do it she can also meet her in a different episode or something…

Do you know where I can find a rope overlay?

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: