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Hello everyone! This topic is for everyone to share ideas in helping one another to make detailed and well thought out characters! We all don’t like Mary Sues do we? (if you don’t know they’re basically the laziest characters made ever, like, the perfect character with no flaws whatsoever) Here’s some ideas right now!

  1. Have a character with a mental illness. The most common are ones such as depression, Aspergers, Autism and the like, but remember, if you do have a character with a mental illness, to be respectful and use correct information when writing them. Otherwise it’s disrespectful towards people with the actual illness and can cause harm.

  2. Have flaws. Don’t make them pitch perfect! I wanna see the most random flaws in a character! And don’t make them the usual ‘fear of spiders’ or something that doesn’t relate to the story! For example, a character that in a show that I was watching was extremely clumsy, it was funny, sure, but they brought this detail back when in a serious situation (trying to get a kid to the hospital), they kept tripping and falling over themselves, and it ended up being incredibly sad instead of the usual funny gag.(I cried in case you were wondering.)

  3. Make them different/avoid cliches. Even if they’re a side character, make them stand out! And if you’re trying to go for a classic evil villain or something, don’t make their motive “just for the fun of it”, the only time I’ve seen this work in a villain is for the Joker, and he was clinically insane. And for the love of all that is good, PLEASE don’t make an over the top gay character, seriously, if it isn’t relative to the story or their character, please don’t use them, like, at all.

Whelp! That’s all I have now! Share some ideas and get some feedback for some characters in the posts!





Weeell… in my newest stort, the two best friends of the MC are two interesting characters. Or, I like to think so.

One of them, a boy - Wilhelm - is the… meme friend, is one way to put it. He’s sort of negative - but not so much in a way that you’d call him an angsty teenager. He’s got some charisma and comedic elements. He’s probably the most childish out of all the friends, but hey, he’s still pretty cute.

The other best friend is the ‘mom friend’ which, of course, is seen a lot more often. She tends to roll her eyes or sigh in disappointment as she sees Wilhelm doing something stupid or saying something. Usually takes initiative and is the most mature out of the friend group.

I wanted to do something different than just write the ‘stale best friend’ character, and I think I did okay. They’ll be there for more than someone that the MC can just vent to or talk about the bad boy. They’ll actually have roles in the story! Ooh, wow.

… On another note.

How about some self-depreciating characters? Or a bit negative? I want to write a trans character (I don’t think I’ll get yelled at for not being qualified, since I’m trans myself, heh), and be a little self-depreciating. Have him call himself a tranny or something. I do that! Or like… Blaire White, she once said, “You’re more of a beta male than me, and you’re talking to the person who was so bad at being a man, that I became a woman.” That’s hilarious!
Alas, I’m afraid to write characters like that. I’m afraid that it might be deemed ‘offensive’ or that ‘trans people don’t say that,’ when… Yes, they do. I have said things like that before. Who are these people to dictate what trans and other LGBT+ people say? God. Would it be so bad for a character to joke about themselves being the ‘token tranny’ out of the friend group? I’ve done that before. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-depreciating humor, even in this context.
… Anyways, my bad. Ended with a little rant here.


Heyo, read what you wrote. I think you should do whatever you think is best for your story. Gay characters make fun of themselves for being gay, heck, I make fun of myself for being straight, and my friend jokes about them being a gay too. It’s something we all do, and if someone says “That’s offensive to the gay community” than just ignore them, tell 'em off.

But it all comes down to what you think of as an author is best for your story. : )



Hehe, that’s good advice. Thanks! c:


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