Ideas for childhood best friends to enemies story?

Hi everyone! I’m looking to write about childhood best friends that became enemies before the story began. After the story starts, it will be a slow burn until they become lovers. I needed help with two things.

  1. Why they became enemies
  2. How they meet again

Or if you just have general ideas for a story like this, you’re free to share those, too! If you help me come up with something, I’d totally be willing to tag you or your story in mine!

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I think it would depend on their gender too, but you could have the classic “one turns popular and the other is the quiet kid and the popular makes fun of them to seem cool to their new friends”, or you could go with sth like (only if they are the same gender) the one starts dating someone the other wanted too and they had expressed it and because :sparkles: highschool :sparkles: they both overdramatised it and kept the hate until they didnt remember themselves why they fought. For boy and girl this trope could be done with best friends (meaning the boy lets say started dating the best friend of the girl and the girl got mad because she felt sth for him since then and she had even told her bff), or with enemies (meaning the boy for example started dating the girl that was always mean to the girl). Uhhh another one, one of them couldve found another group or person to hang out and slowly drifted away from their friendship and that caused them to fight since they had said they are best friends and now it seemed like one of them didnt care. Of course more details can be added to all of them, Im just giving the basic idea/outline

Now for how they meet again, it really depends on your story. It could be a job (please not the boss trope lol), a class reunion, random bar/club/concert/whatever, maybe looking to rent/buy the same house? It could be literally anything and only you know what would be more fitting for your characters, their personality and the storyline.


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