Ideas for episode THREAD



In this thread, you can discuss/suggest ideas that you feel Episode needs to work on/ what episode needs to add/ get rid of/ etc. I’ll start it off.

Somethings I'd like to see featured on Episode

I personally feel like Episode needs to have subscriptions for the unlimited ads/unlimited passes. I feel like $10 is too much for only one month of unlimited passes/ads. I think they should go off subscriptions,
3 months- 4.99 (4.99x3)
6 months- $4.99 (4.99x6)
12 months $4.99 (4.99x12)

I think this will be extremely budget friendly for people like myself. I’ll truly feel like I’m getting what I paid for and episode will still be making a lot of money per the amount of people who sign up for episode.
I feel like if a kid tells a parent that they want a “membership” on episode for $10 and it has unlimited passes/ads they’ll think thats too much. This is just my suggestion!


you said our opinions on what they could remove? Ok, Spotlight. It is just not good. At all. It takes no work to make one and you are watching people in bubbles just say something, disappear, and reappear


I know! It isn’t impressive at all when someone makes one.


you are reading a story on chapter 23 and your bff cheats on your brother and you actually feel the anger! You also feel it when the guy finally says I love you.


Chapter 23: Girl pops up in bubble “I cheated on your brother”
You pop up “How could you?”
brother pops up. “I hate you!”


I didn’t read the full comment or I wouldn’t of agreed to it lol , i know it takes time to write, period. I just personally don’t prefer that style. Of course it takes effort into making a story when it comes to episode because of all of the coding.


Another thing I would like episode to add is “Upload your own props,” that would truly and honestly be amazing! :smiley:


I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disrespect anyone. It was more of my personal opinion and I agree that it takes time I just am more impressed with the regular way.


i am sorry to the spotlight authors who read this comment. It was rude and disrespectful of me. Sorry. :confused:


This has been mentioned in past threads but, I think episode should work on putting more detail into character features. Instead of having flawless perfect bodies, they should give the option to change the characters size.
It would also be nice to add freckles, moles, birthmarks, (I have 2 which I have grown to love :kissing_heart:) and etc.
Just to make things a bit more realistic and help authors with making personable, lovable characters in their stories.


Totally agree! :slight_smile: I think many people who write on episode would be able to relate to the character more. (just my 2 cents) but also, stretchmarks, acne, etc .


I completely agree and I think they can do it. We have seen it before such as in Damien from Mean Girls


Yes!!! Can’t forget those! :grin:
Summertime’s coming. :sunglasses: It would help in promoting body positivity.


I’ve actually never read mean girls :sweat_smile: I probably should though.
Let’s try to stay on topic so the thread won’t be deleted. :wink:


Alright. I don’t think they have hats for females in LL unless I missed them.


Being able to delete extra stories in the portal would be soooo helpful! It’s hard to keep up so I have like 20 different Don’t read titles :joy:


omg, me too… it sucks. :confused:


There aren’t a nice variety of glasses in limelight, only sunglasses. So, it’d be great if they had some.


I wish Episode would allow authors to write unlimited characters in their description. They have a character limit and it doesn’t really help when I cant fit the full description in the description because there’s a character limit.


Ooo, So im writing rn and I was thinking, episode definitely needs to add an “Auto Save” button! I can not count how many times google chrome crashed and my stuff wasn’t saved -_-


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