Ideas for Fantasy Story

I’m currently starting to write a Classic fantasy story on Episode, does anyone have suggestions of what things could happen in it? In this story, there is a princess and a king and queen. Eventually there will be a prince but I have no idea where to start off with.

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I’m not the best person for fantasy, so I don’t really have any ideas off the top of my head. I just wanted to say good luck with your story and I’m glad that I’ve found someone else who writes in Classic :smile:

I actually have a lot of classic stories published, if you want to check them out, they are on my Instagram.

Sure, what are they about and what’s your instagram?

Maybe like the king and queen VANISH and the princess like (who maybe was a party high schooler or something) has to take over the kingdom and rule it. Of course, you can take this in many directions. drama / mystery ->

Maybe, you start with the Princess returning home from a world tour (she ended things with her parents bad / good, up to you?) where the kingdom she returns to isn’t the one she left. (maybe they want her to get married, a bit cliche but you can take this anywhere you want, or the king and queen have been DEMOTED ~ and there’s this sneaky adviser who has the ‘peasants’ best at heart -> mystery, adventure like?

Maybe her parents task her with being a diplomat with some foreign enemies, but actually witnesses something that follows her home. Maybe that event gives her like a magical ability, like telepathy or future reading. Thus she finds out lots of people are lying to her, and she decides to do something about it (with her romance choice because why not) -> Drama, Action ish.

I have way to many ideas.

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Maybe an evil sorceress wants her daughter to become princess, so she swaps her daughter with the princess and gives her to a peasant family. The King and Queen don’t realize their baby is now the sorceress’s daughter.

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