Ideas for fantasy world holidays 🖤

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I’m writing stories that take place in a fantasy world and I’m writing out certain cultures and whatnot that exist within that world. I’m thinking this would be cool but I’m not sure where to start: what kind of holidays would they celebrate? :thinking:

I’m looking to make up holidays that my characters could celebrate in this world, but I don’t really have any ideas. If anyone else does, please feel free to share! :hugs:

What would the holiday be? When, why, and how do they celebrate?

I came up with a few for my story, there based of the species I have in my story. So if you have any specific species I could try thinking of some others.

Those are just 5 I decided on, I’m aiming for 10. All holidays I use to relate to some part of the story.


That;s all!

you could combine traditions e.g. Nigeria + China certain holidays traditions and mix-match the things they do e.g. for birthdays/funerals/ new years etc.

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Seasons holidays (summer, winter, etc).
Some god/goddess holiday.
Any national holiday (independence, foundation date, etc).

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These are so cool!! :flushed:
I didn’t even think to take inspiration on existing holidays like you did with yours. That’s a really good idea.
I love the Mermoda Phoeniexa one. Especially the name. It kinda sounds like Mermaid Fiesta :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::black_heart:

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Oh yeah I could do that :open_mouth:

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Yeah I should keep that in mind. Thanks! :grin:

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