Ideas for good story?

Can someone tell me some ideas how I can start writing story, and tell me what would you like to read?
What kind of stories you guys like? Romance, to have bad boys, how much love interest would you like to have? Mini games… whatever? Just type down…

This is just me, but I like to read romantic stories with intrigue and interesting story lines. I find that fantasy stories tend to have the most interesting story lines, but other genres can be interesting too. If you’re struggling to come up with an idea here are a few things you can think about:

  1. Think about what you’re interested in. What kinds of things would you want to read? These are probably the same things that others would want to read.
  2. If you can’t come up with a story line, maybe start by creating the characters. Often times a good character can shape the story and help you come up with ideas.
  3. Look for inspiration from your life or the lives of people around you. Although most of us don’t have the kind of extreme and dramatic lives as are portrayed in most stories, some aspects of our lives can be exaggerated and built upon to make for an interesting story.

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I don’t think that the most important thing is plot. I think the thing that makes a story enjoyable is character developmant. I really don’t think it will matter what plot is as long as character’s feelings are real. So it can be high school drama, mafia or bad boys. If we can see strong personalities it is enough for me.

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Just write. That’s the first rule, I would say. Write whatever that comes into your mind and after that, you can edit it and maybe add more scenes.

I would also like to say, writing down what might happen in every episodes will help you write your story faster because you already know the flow.

Choose a genre that you’re comfortable in writing.

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