Ideas for making episode edits



So far, I have made 3 edits on my Instagram, which will be linked at the end of this thread. When I make another edit on Monday (8/13), it’ll be one of my characters from my story, Roommates. I was wondering if anyone have any ideas of what I should make next! I’m begging you, PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST AN EDIT THAT’S YOUR CHARACTER OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT! I’m not making taking any requests until I make much more progress with my edits. That’s the point of me making this thread/post, for PRACTICE. Thanks for reading this :two_hearts:

Link to my Instagram:


practice makes perfect. awesome edits.


you can make an edit on wonder woman. like how you did super girl.


Of course! What’s your Instagram so I’ll be able to tag you when it’s finished? btw I’ll have to do two other edits before I start on the WW edit.



take your time. :slight_smile:


I think they look really cute!


I LOVE the supergirl one you made! For ideas you could make an elf, or any sort of fantasy themed character :heart:


Thank you! <3


Thank you! I could probably make Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls :slight_smile:


That sound great!!


I had a edit idea I have been wanting do but it’s kind of stupid. I saw the mystery van when I was in the car so I have been wanting to to a scooby Doo characters edit. Lol


It’s not stupid lol but I’ll save this idea :slight_smile: