Ideas for mc breaking up with her ex

alright so we all know that one mc or many mc’s whose crappy ex cheated on her. that’s so overused sooooo I have some ideas.

the ex comes out as gay to them (applies to straight mc)
they are a mama’s child and put more time to their mom than the mc
they argued a lot/having a lot of differences and never got along
they (the partner or mc) had a job and they had to move far away and long distance relationship wasn’t wasn’t working out
they barely had time for each other
maybe the parents didn’t approve after years of secretly dating
maybe the ex got famous and decided to leave the mc
maybe lack of trust that could also work with the “always arguing”
One of the persons in the couple has too much going on outside of the relationship, that they are hindered from providing what their partner needs
maybe one of them made the decisions and the other person didn’t have a voice
maybe one of them put more effort into the relationship
very controlling maybe they fell out of love

let me know what other ideas so that episode authors can see this and think of other ideas rather than the old “hE cHeAtEd oN mE”


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One of my most complex yet least hurtful breakups was when a family member of mine was dying. I remember being so caught up in what I was doing that I managed to hide myself away. Of course, he was a great guy and understood what was going on. He even promised to stick through it with me. But I… just couldn’t do it. I needed time to myself. We were only together for about 6 months at that point in time. So, we broke it off. We’re actually best friends now. Maybe this will be useful to someone? One of the persons in the couple has too much going on outside of the relationship, that they are hindered from providing what their partner needs ???

Also please be careful with this. I have 2 diagnoses that make it nearly impossible for me to maintain relationships… but i still do. if not used and represented properly this can be extremely harmful to people with often-misunderstood illnesses


The most common reasons used for a break up in episode stories are where one person is at fault, for a negative reason.

One thing I never really read, is where the break up is mutual, where both of them have come to the realisation that the relationship isn’t going anywhere, perhaps it’s stalled or they want different things in life. Maybe one wants to settle down but the other isn’t ready for that yet, and so they both decide to part ways amicably.

Not every breakup needs to be so destructful or negative.

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I have nothing against people using at fault breakups such as cheating etc… they happen. And some stories make sense that way. Just adding in an alternative.


I’m so sorry that I triggered you. I’ll change it. Thank you for telling me this.


Maybe their core life values didn’t line up, or they just drifted apart

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You could heavily research it.


Another one is the ex got so awkward around the MC through the years that it starts to get irritating. :point_right: Meaning he or she makes mistake after mistake, not totally his or her fault, but he or she can’t help it.


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