Ideas for minigames 💕

So here’s the deal … It’s a group of supernatural students going on tour to three places mountains of madness, forest of fears, ocean of obscene :see_no_evil: ( and at those places there are hobgoblins, fairies, mermaids) and those creatures wouldn’t let the students cross without tests … So i would like if uh guys can give me some ideas for minigames and stuff to make the story more interesting…if hope i can portray the things I want in those games … As in for example fairies feed on their fears ( forest of fear) so i would like to have a game or a plot that will lead the fiaries to use their fears for the test and overcome them


I have a couple of ideas

  1. What about the classic cross the river puzzle?

So in the classic puzzle you have a fox, a chicken and some seed, you need to get across the river but the problem is you can only take one thing at a time, you can’t leave the chicken with the fox and can’t leave the chicken with the seed.

You could do this with super natural creatures lets say the goblins, fairies and fireflies (just an idea) you can’t leave the fairies with the goblins and can’t leave the fireflies with the fairies.

  1. Magic in the jars

The fairies want to split their magic into 2 equal amounts the puzzle comes when you realise the only way to split them is by using 3 different sized viles 1 vile holds 16ml another holds 9ml and the last one holds 7ml. Each time you pour the liquid into a container you must fill the container as much as possible. For example if you tip your 16ml into the 9ml, your 9ml would have to contain the full 9ml amount. However if you 16ml only had 3ml and you tipped it into the 7ml container the whole 3ml has to be tipped in.

I hope that made sense :rofl:

Is this the type of games you are looking for?

Ummm … i didn’t understand the magic in jar but let me explain again… :sweat_smile:
Let’s talk one part at a time …there is this mountain of madness where hobgoblins live and rule it or protect it … Therefore anyone from the outside will be driven to madness by those hobgoblins so if my characters are going there they will have to pass some sort of test in order to reach the next part which is forest of fears …
Just so we know hobgoblins are creatures who runs at speed of lightening and have very keen knowledge of behaviours like how people act therefore they will know how my characters are gonna react to certain situations so they will try to make characters go mad and give up … I hope i am able to clarify it up

I don’t have any ideas for a mini game that is likely to fit your criteria, but I would like to make a suggestion on the names of one of the locations. You may want to consider naming the final area the Ocean of Obscenity for consistency. It’s not really a big deal, but since the other two are named geographical element of noun and Ocean of Obscene is geographical element of adjective it’s just something my nitpicking brain picked up on lol.

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Thanks …sure will do that :blush:

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