Ideas for my choice?

So I have a story about assassins, one who is being trained by an assassin who has been working for a long time. And now on the chapter I’m working on they’re on their way to finish a job. And then this guy who is being trained asked what the plan is for the job, and the trainer told him to come up with one .

And so I wanna make a choice where the mc thinks back on his studies, And basically asks ‘‘what things do I need to keep in mind while planning?’’ And then comes the choice. But my mind is blank. What would they need to keep in mind while planning how to finish the job :sweat_smile:

Any ideas?

My only idea is to keep in mind the amount of targets and their level of difficulty.


Choice 1) Keep your guard up at all times no matter what.
Choice 2) Find all exits and escape routes in case things go south.
Choice 3) Don’t get arrogant, step down when things get too difficult.
Choice 4) Focus your attention on the primary target, don’t let distractions hinder your goal.


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