Idea's for my episode story?

Hello! I’m making a story and I, (I won’t explain everything), need some ideas for a story with drama,
and exciting twists. When I think of something, It becomes cheesy and I give up on it. If anyone even has 1 idea, it would be very appreciated! :smiley:

Perhaps two
lovers and a girl who is totally into someone else

Or maybe about a boarding school your characters must go through but finds out it’s not what it seems.

Thank you!

Here’s another idea:

A girl comes from a family who is very rich, posh, and proper, but she doesn’t want to live that life so she escapes from them as soon as she turns 18. The story could take place a few years in the future when she’s an adult and someone in her family dies where she has to go straight back to the place she ran away from. What has happened since she left?

Also, maybe she could start to develop feelings from the son of a family friend…

Just an idea!

And you could call it “Right Where I Started” or “Running Back”!

I’m getting ahead of myself lol