Ideas for my story epi community!

so the title of my story is “Hunters of Troy Clara”. Troy Clara is ancient built land that naturally has a powerful magnetic field that attracts the supernatural (good or evil). I’m trying to introduce the characters personalities in the first episode so the reader can get a view on how they are important to the story, but i also want it to be mysterious, dramatic and interesting… do anyone have any suggestions?

I would like do an intro that has them all on it… almost as though a photo with their names. And then fade into like a dramatic action packed beginning scene…

i having a dramatic scene in the beginning, but i have this new character that is moving to the town

i think that will still work right?

Well, if you’ve seen blood lust, that has a moving to a new town sorta drama scene. Like there’s a bunch of secrets to be revealed

i appreciate your suggestions. :heart:

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