Ideas for New Stuff for Episode Limelight

For Episode Limelight, I think they should make a tired or stressed or worried running animation. Legit ALL the running animations we have make the characters look happy or excited. Also, clothing idea for females: Normal - sized hoodies. Why do they ALL have to be cropped?! Another thing I highly suggest is more props, or more prop animations.


Agreed! I hope this gets to the moderators somehow. Hopefully, they’re already working on new clothes for Limelight, and the animation is a good idea. It’s weird to see someone run away from a villain with a smile on their face.


I do agree that we need more oversized and baggie clothing for girs, but its not gonna come outta their a-.
I was thinking of making a list of what I wanted to see in the future. Then I thought that requesting over and over again won’t make a difference. They’re working hard to make new features!


LOL running from a villain!

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Modest Clothing for: Casual, African Clothes, Aboriginal Clothes, Native American Clothing, Evening, Special Events, Bed Time. If they release those, I’ll be JUUUUUST fine…


They need graduation gowns, cheer uniforms, football uniforms, workout sneakers and more underwear/pajamas.