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Hi everyone! Res here! Lately on EPISODE, I’ve been seeing a lot of repeated stories, or at least the general ideas that have been repeated. For example, bad boys, pregnancy, ect.
Well no more do people have to fear being unoriginal, because here we have the IFS (Ideas for Stories) forum! Here, we can all share ideas that we personally would like to see and just some original ideas that no one has tried (as far as we know).
Rules are that nobody swears or details inappropriate things. Thanks.

Ideas to start us off:

  1. It’s set in a highschool setting with the main focus being two teenagers. One, the female, has a mental condition where it disables her from feeling love or any romantic/sexual feelings, ever. And the male has a condition where he falls in love with everyone he sees, to the point where he wants to marry them. Can the male help the female find love or does he become the love?

  2. Any story where the main character is a male.

  3. An emotional story. EPISODE stories are usually just narration based, they only tell you the story at face value, however, I want a story that focuses solely on the emotions of the main character with an engaging story to back it up. It makes for an interesting read!

That’s all I have now!

Writers Block: How do you beat it?

So, personally I consider my upcoming story non-cliche, for reasons I can not yet say, but I don’t want the history between my main two characters to be revealed too late or too early. If I plan to have 10 chapters in the first season, each with about 3000 lines long, in which episode should I say the history? I need some advice from authors, cuz I need an idea of what and when I should publish that chapter. Know some people are like me and don’t like to wait so many chapters to learn what happened, so what are your ideas on the topic :blush:


Well, depending on the story genre/the story line, you might want to leave it until later. If it’s, just an example, a drama between two characters that are related and the big mystery is is that they are in fact related, then you’d leave that until near the middle-end, while giving off hints to keep the reader guessing. But if they’re childhood friends and one of them forgot, then have the main character be the one who forgot, and the other character constantly trying to be friends with the MC again.

Either way, give off loads of subtle hints to keep the reader interested, but not enough to give it away, or just give the reader the wrong idea so that when the secret is revealed, they’re shocked. But it really does depend on how you feel as an author when the time is right to reveal the secret.

Hope this helped!



Thx! So should I maybe do flashbacks of what really happened, and of what the love interest (well, I’m not gonna say love interest😊) doesn’t know?

Lol, my profile picture is of one of the flashbacks I might do


Well, I’ve found that the best way to get the readers to keep on reading, and just for the story in general, is to allow the reader into the mind of the main character, help them make minor decisions and just take them through their life. And if you have this huge secret that the main character has, then they’re basically keeping it from themselves, since you’re literally living as them. But if you do want some flashbacks, I would say keep them minor, don’t allow the reader to know that the other person is them. For example, have the main character remember a simple conversation about trees or something with them once when the MC is talking about them to another character, or another thing that you can do, is that you can make the reader think that the person in the MC’s memories is another character, and have them be surprised when it’s another character.



So I’m thinking of letting the character see flashbacks of their relationship as friends, but don’t really want flashbacks of the history cuz just in case, don’t wanna give out too much. Would that work?:thinking:


Like I said, if they are something like long lost childhood friends, then have the main character forget the other character, but the love interest has never forgotten about them, maybe they did something kind and they’ve been searching for the MC ever since. But remember, if you don’t want to give too much away, but still want flashbacks, keep the flashbacks minor, heck, if you’re not using Spotlight, don’t show the characters at all. Just the background will suffice. Narrating, when used properly, can be powerful.



Thx :blush:


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