Ideas for story titles!

Hi everyone!

So as some of you may or may not know, I’m in the slow process of writing a zombie apocalypse based story. It’s basically all about a group trying to survive in the wilderness from the zombies, and possibly from the hostile humans.

I’m actually very stuck on a title for my story. If any of you have any ideas of what it could be called - non-cliche titles - that would be amazing. :smile:

The suggestion I like the most will receive a shout-out on my Instagram, so make sure to drop your Instagram accounts below too!

Thanks everyone! :blush:

I would suggest : Endure, Subsistence, or Linger

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Thanks for the suggestions! Don’t forget to leave your IG username, you may receive a shout-out :wink:

I’m glad you liked it :smile: My ig username is @roy_episode

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