Ideas for storylines

Hi! I am having some trouble with creating a story. I need some good ideas! Please reply! Thanks! :blush:

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Here are some prompts to get you going then.
I’ll be using ‘he’ in the fender neutral sense.

MC decides to get away from the stress of work and visit Paris for a few days.
While MC is there, he meets someone at a park and two start up a conversation.
They don’t engage merely in exchanging pleasantries, but actually talk.

Spend a day in the shoes of a mad scientist.

MC is trying to win back his ex; but perhaps it’s just not meant to be?


I don’t know what kind of story you were looking for but I just imagined this story a few minutes ago and thought to give you the idea😊
A young girl lives on the outskirts of a forest, but the forest contains this one tree, a magical tree. The girl plays there everyday and everyday the tree grants her a wish. As she grows up, she learns the people plan to take out the forest to build something else. One day she wakes up and the forest is on fire, she runs toward the tree and she wishes to the tree to stop the forest from burning and to live on, but the tree can not so the tree turns her wish into her wishing for the trees power. As the tree burns away the girl grows angry at the people… With her new power something will happen, and this is where you would take off from…

okay so these are some ideas i basically just gave up on cause i had LOADS of school work to do but you can give them a shot!

  1. do you know those stories where good girl falls for bad new boy and theres a popular bratty girl trying to get the bad boy? (probably cause theres loads of these kinds of stories around) Well what if we saw the same kind of plot but from the point of view of the popular girl and maybe you could develop it from there sorta saying why she hates the good girl and wants the bad boy. maybe the good girl is actually the mean one idk lol

  2. A girl was born into a family full of celebs ( mom and dad famous) her family want her to become a singer so they been training her in dancing and vocal lessons since an early age but the girl REALLY just wants to be a song writer and stay in the background not on stage in the spotlight. she discovers her mom wasnt actually her birth mother and her dad cheated on the mom after they got married. The mom knew this so thought of the girl as trash and treated her poorly and the dad was always shooting movies so she had no one. The girl finds out from the loyal family butler that her birth mom was a famous songwriter and musician and sets out to find her.

  3. (Starts off as a cliche and i mean starts!!! so basically its the thing where new girl moves into new town the popular girl hates her but them BOOM the whole town seems to be part of a cult so the new girl and popular girl have to try escape together without being killed and along the way the become friends

Okay so i hoped you liked the story ideas? they sorta sucked but whatever 2. could be called Falling Stars just an idea you dont actually have to use this name

Hello! If you’re looking for a Fantasy story prompt, I have quite a few over here and I add to them as often as I can! Feel free to check it out :smiley:

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