Ideas for the episode mobile app!


Hi guys, so this week, I thought that I should make a topic about improvements and ideas for the episode mobile app! One of my ideas is:

And that everyone should be able to have a profile, without signing up using Google or Facebook!

Feel free to put your ideas down below!:arrow_double_down:

Thanks, KACY!


I think you should be able to do everything you can do on the portal lol. Also, I think there’s already a section for new users stories.


Hi @KACY_Episode and thanks for participating in the forums! I moved your thread to the Feature + Art Suggestions sub forum as that is where suggestion threads are created. Please also make sure to take a glance at the Feature Request guidelines to make sure your threads don’t get closed or deleted and please make any updates that need to be made to this thread. Thanks!


Great idea!


There’s a suggestion that got created for a ‘new stories’ shelf- be sure to support it here so we can hopefully see it happen ^-^


choosing more outfits, instead of already created ones :sob: ALSO allowed to add more than 5 people on a scene at once :heart:


Great idea!


I like the idea of having a section for stories that have just been published by those who don’t work for episode.



Topic closed as it does not follow the Feature Request Guidelines. Thanks! :peace_symbol: