Ideas for the newest contest!

Hihihi! I was thinking about entering the contest, but it feels boring for me. No offense Episode! But since I won’t make a story, here is some ideas I thought of!

  • What will happen if segregation never ended? I like this one the most!

  • What will happen if jail never existed?

  • What will happen if magic powers were real?

  • What will happen if global warming started happening?

  • What will happen if a flood destroyed 90% of the planet?

These are just some ideas I have! If someone is doing something like this, then don’t do it because it will seem like you are copying them!

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I am not makeing a story but if I did . It would be base on the man who saved the world. its a real story he saved the world because he refused to push a button and launch a nucler bomb.

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Cool! :)))

Lol my story is a little about the first idea you gave, if you are interested I can talk to you about it :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind! :smiley:

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