Ideas On Maternity Clothes


I don’t know if Episode have this kind of idea about “Maternity Dresses” but as I search throughly on both INK and LL clothing styles, it doesn’t seems to have that.

I think it would be great that they could have that source of ideas on having maternity dresses for casual, formal, baby shower, events, etc instead of having just only maternity shirt in different colors and styles.

I thought on this idea when making new outfits for my story and I’m just thinking why there isn’t any maternity dresses. What do you guys think, do you agreed or disagreed?

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For those who disagreed, please let me know why. So I can have a better understanding at your opinion for disagreeing on this topic.


@cannie your right! I couldn’t find any maternity dresses for a character in my story so i just dissed the idea of having it…


You are very right! I agree completely! Maybe post it as a feature you want added?


Post it as a feature meaning my ideas of maternity dresses I have in mind?




That’s exactly how I feel and I think it will give us as a reader and writer a chance to choose on having more maternity outfits (dresses, jumpsuit or romper you name it) instead of maternity shirts. Which I’m not saying is a bad or ugly thing at all but for most pregnant women would also prefer dresses then shirt, that’s just my opinion.


Will do then.


Well I have few ideas in mind that I searched on googled. Any thoughts or whoever got an ideas of what maternity dresses should be like are more then welcome to post it here.

For Casual (any season: Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall) -




Not only dresses but bikinis as well (I am also keeping all the outfit appropriate…

Gowns (for wedding, party, prom, events, church, etc)

It don’t have to be something similar to the ones I listed. But I’m just giving ideas on what maternity dresses should be or have.


Support! I’ve seen some maternity dresses that are extremely beautiful