Ideas/Opinion for my Story

Hey guys~ if you get a chance to read this it would be so helpful as I need your ideas and help! For like 3-4 weeks I’ve been brainstorming my story (not out yet or anything) and I would like to hear your opinions about it and would like to know if the ideas will be too cliché.

Here are my ig you can say plot: So I’m thinking of having my MC and her LI both doctors. They known each other for a long time. In 2-3 months she will be getting married to her LI but she doesn’t want to because she doesn’t love him and she’s just doing it for her family.

Next the LI decides to call of the wedding because he knows MC doesn’t love him, but still loves her.
So I would like to ask would this be too cliché ?

idea 1 ; both MC met each other again, get to know each other / work on their relationship start dating and all of that?


idea 2 ; Both MC & LI try to move on from each other, but when they’re with someone else, they still have unconditional love for each other.

Any ideas or opinion would really help me out, as it will be much appreciated. That’s all for now, thank you :blush:

btw I hope this is the right category , if not sorry hehe…


I like the second idea more because it will seem like they’re soulmates and as they have always loved each other they would still have some type of connection, whereas the first idea is good too but it gives me coldness vibes:(


I agree with @ChanelTheHBIC. With idea 2 you have more emotions in the story. In my opinion idea 2 is lesser cliché than idea 1. I see more often nowadays stories with characters meeting each other ‘again’ (after a few years, months or a few days, doesn’t matter). Feel so old, right now. :woman_facepalming: :laughing:


Idk. Sounds kinda okay. Like it doesn’t interest me as much since I seen lots of people do those kinds of stuff already on episode. So for me I would say it’s going to be a cliche story and not many people like seeing more than one plot or whatever. :melting_face::melting_face::melting_face:

thank you for your opinion! I really appreciate it :blush: , though if you don’t mind me asking for the first idea what do you mean about coldness vibes?


thank you for your opinion, it was helpful :blush: !
Haha don’t feel old :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I get it thank you though. Can you tell me what stories that are like the plot I’m brainstorming?

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The part about them meeting again after several years has come up in more stories recently on episode, so that’s the only part that could be considered “cliché”. Maybe that’s what some of the others are referring to.

However, I don’t think your idea is cliché at all. Also, I think that you shouldn’t worry about if it is cliché to be honest. All that matters is that you write an exciting and emotionally gripping story. There are few original ideas, it’s how you tell your story that makes it unique. Also, how interesting and believable the characters are is what will make people like it or not.


I don’t know how to explain this properly, but I’ll try to. I definitely agree that the “coldness vibes” expression wasn’t really correct. I wanted to say that in my opinion when someone need to work on their relationship with someone else, that means that things are not going well naturally. But it’s really just my opinion, others can think otherwise​:blush::two_hearts:


I get it and I understand what you mean! Thank you very much, I appreciate it :grin:

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Ohh haha okay I see what you mean now, otherness thank you again for your opinion! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent:

@Sydney_H you may close this, thx :smile:

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