Ideas pleaseee :)

Riiight, I’m fairly new writer. And I just need a bit of help. I have my characters planned out (for example - Dama, Elijah, Kyungmi, Filip) but I am struggling on a idea to use for the main storyline.

I was thinking about a “finding yoursen” type story. But I don’t know if that’s kinda overrated :woman_shrugging: Thoughts? :slight_smile:

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Don’t think about what others write, think about what you like. Do you have anything else in mind or you still have no idea? For example, which genre do you prefer? What are your favourite stories? Do you prefer a sad plot or a happy one?


I agree with Zey. If you write purely for what the readers want, you might not be motivated to finish the story. Write what you want to write or what you are passionate about :two_hearts:

Alright Thankyou, I’ll take that into mind :blush:

And I usually like happier stories (well, endings mainly) and my favourite genre would have to be either comedy or fantasy. I’ll probably do comedy, I think?

Could do both
Have the MC find themselves(in a fantasy story) with comedic moments mixed in

A comedy I thought of

Insert name is a pro assassin well pro ish. She/He has been in the business for many years and has learned lots of lessons such as,
Episode 1 idea
Always flee the scene
character is main suspect in wooded area
“Oh so because I wear black leather I’m the killer!!”
“Gosh! It’s a style!”
bullet falls out
“You know what go arrest everyone who wears black leather, and has a bullet”
“See how far you get then!!”
30 bullets fall out
“You ain’t got nothing on me!”
“What are you doing go after her/him!”
“With all do respect chief. No one is going to chase her/him.”
“I mean where did those bullets come from!?!?”
“Her/His clothes didn’t even fold!!”
Always think of plan B C D E and F
“Wait the doors locked?”
“Wait what even type of lock is this?”
“Shit. C’mon EpiTube, help me!”
“Ohhh I just realized two things!”
“One this is a regular lock painted.”
“And two I have no clue what I’m doing!”
And NEVER EVER do monologues while your on the job!
“Wait I just broke that one”
lights turn on
jumps out window and runs into alley
“So I’ve decided to share theese lessons so,”
“If you need any help!”
“Ask me your comical assassin for hire”

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