Ideas you want to be written

Ok. So i’ve never written a story before and i wanna try it out, but i can’t come up with ideas that have a sturdy plot with a conflict and i’m looking for something to build off of or inspire me maybe? If you have any ideas you wanna give me, story plots that you wish were stories but don’t feel like writing yourself, anything, write it here! I’m not asking for you to come up with a story for me, i’m letting you share something you want to be written about. Please no super cliche ones (like falling for your bad boy neighbor). Thx!

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Well I see alot of bad boy stories I wanna see more bad girl maybe. And becoming “popular”, wut about being “popular” to “non-popular” but u perfer “non-popularity”??? I am writing/rewriting “Miss.Rebel” and I’m still figuring out a plot for the “popular” one.

Try something that has a “twist” on the original. I like stories that have an oomph to them, with unique ideas. Maybe there could be something where if you are writing a romance, the characters met a long time ago due to some incident, only to see each other again somehow. (Idk any ideas right now, but I like what @Jocey said.

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I want to see more romance done right.

Romance: but like after ‘everything is good’ there is a secret and it takes a few episodes to work iver ut but like everything is good at the end (or not)…

I mean a romance that makes sense and feels good when you read it.Something believable.

Exactly, so there would have to be some plot twists, fights and stuff like that. And please don’t make them high school sweethearts that live happily ever after.

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Yeah i want something that hurts. Something thats so unexpected.

Thanks Sydney

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i sooo agree like if someone writes a story about a “player” type person that’s female who like is badass i will definitely read

i totally agree, about unique stories, and i recommend the Curse of Charlie if u haven’t read it yet


I read that story! Its rlly good! Highly suggest as well!:joy:

ikr! there need to be more unique stories like it
although all that customization coding must have been a pain

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What about something from the secret life of the american teenager you know what if Amy did say yes to Ricky or what if Adrian and bens baby lived something like that. I see stories from pll and pitch perfect and its been forever since anyone has heard of that show

I want a dark fantasy story with CC, PLEASE

Something magical and thrilling

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