Idioms and Proverbs 💬

Idioms and Proverbs _ :speech_balloon:

Drop an idiom or proverb below and let others guess what it means!

If your idiom or proverb is in another langue than English, write the direct English translation of it.

Enjoy! :dizzy:

Language Expression Meaning Correct Guess By Contributor
Spanish Sabe como el culo. Something tastes like sh*t. @AriaAdams @AriaAdams
Swedish Smaken är som baken, delad. ? ? @fraud

The taste is like the butt, split.

Can anyone guess the meaning? :smirk:

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Sabe como el culo, is in Spanish right?

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It looks like Spanish :nerd_face:

Is this an idiom or proverb? Or did you just wonder if it was in Spanish? :joy: (I don’t now a lot of Spanish)

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Oh it’s just that I’m spanish and we usually use ‘sabe como el culo’ when something tastes like sh*t. :joy::joy:

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Haha alrighty, then I see :laughing:

Okay, so that is not what

means though :wink: Feel free to guess!

The Swedish saying goes: ”Smaken är som baken, delad.”

I’ll start using:

:smirk: What does it says in English?

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