Idk how to adjust speed and height on the game!

So, I want to be able to make my characters run off screen or jog offscreen but the jogging commands arent working and i also need help with being able to adjust the height of the character xx

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For the height, you need to use spot directing. I found a thread about it Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)
But if you need more help, I can help you with it
For the jogging, what is it that isn’t working exactly?


So, I want to make my character run off screen. So what i mean by this is pretty much, jogging off screen or vamp speed etc. <3

You could do the jogging animation and just have them go to zone 4

What about like vamp speed? xD

U need to timed the animation like
@CHARCTER walks to (sporting command) AND CHACTCTER does it while run (or whatever the animation is) in t
t is your time in second like
1 , 2 or 3

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Oh thanks!

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Thanks to u too ahah

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No problem :grin:

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