Idk if I should consider doing this for a story idea b/c people might get offended oop

Hey y’all, I could really use some advice.

So I’ve had this idea for a story for a while, but I’m afraid to do it b/c it might offend people. The idea was basically a dystopian future where racism got worse to the point where the government was executing POC in mass to prevent an uprising, since their populations outnumber that of white people. It would stop when all the different races sign a treaty agreeing to stay within their own racial groups and not intermingle with each other. This in itself would start a rebellion to overthrow the government and attempt to bring back rights for POC.

The reason I think this would offend people is it would be painting white people as villains in the story since they’re the ones on top and enforcing these laws, as well as executing POC. But idk maybe I’m just overthinking it too much. Even though it’s made up, I still feel like people would get pissed and I’m really not trying upset people.

What do you guys think of the idea? Would that be something you’d be interested in seeing? Let me know!


I would be interested in seeing that idea, but a lot of people may found offended. So I suggest you to write something other :slight_smile: But for my opinion you can write it :slight_smile: Sounds interesting to read.


As a white person I’m not at all offended and I think this story is rather unique. Just remember when trying to please everyone; you can’t because you are not chocolate. I love the idea.


I personally love the idea, and I’m white XD. You will get some people who will be offended, but that’ll happen really regardless of what you write, haters gonna hate. Maybe just have a few like inspiring white mc’s that are all for POC rights?


I actually love this story idea. And to be honest, people are going to be offended by everything so you shouldn’t let them stop you. Just remember to show all sides of the story like white characters supporting the movement, some not. Maybe even some POC characters not supporting the movement, just remember to write them as people.

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This idea sounds interesting. I’d suggest making sure you add warnings at the beginning of each chapter and asking some other POC users to help you (for different perspectives and stuff)


So, I actually think the story idea isn’t bad, but being 100% honest, it does seem kind of ridiculous. I’m sure many POC would be offended. It’s fine if in any story, people disapprove, but if its a situation where mainly one race would disapprove, that in itself could be racist. If you aren’t black yourself, I’m thinking to story away from any idea like this. As a POC, I do take offense to the idea, tbh. In the past, during slavery and before the civil war, white people WERE actually executing POC, similarly to this. I just think its a sore spot and no POC would want to read a story that makes them feel like they have to relive the core of so many racism issues. If you are white, I can see why you’d think the story would be a good idea, but you have to mainly consider POC perspective in a story like this. There are many other plots that you can choose, maybe one thats a bit less discriminative. :relaxed:

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I agree. I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of the story, but as part of a nation once enslaved by white Europeans, I would never give it a chance.


This is literally that meme on twitter that goes “when the race war begins and I have to shoot Hayley Williams” jbghd :joy:

I think it might get a bad rap with some white people even though this is kind of our reality now. I think if you did some serious editing and proof reading and things of that nature, it would be a good story.

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